40 Things to never throw away if you are a DIY-er


40 Things to donate to Craft & Canvas 

to assist us in our efforts to reuse, recycle, reinvent, and redesign in our DIY crafting efforts.

  1. Wine Corks

  2. Metal bottle caps

  3. Maps

  4. Old Globes

  5. Candle holders

  6. Tins (altoids, holidays)

  7. Tin Cans opened with a can opener

  8. Sturdy cardboard boxes (not shipping boxes)

  9. Egg Cartons

  10. Wooden Boxes

  11. Old button-down shirts (not torn) (for kids’ smocks)

  12. Old cotton T-shirts (for rags)

  13. Interior/exterior leftover paint

  14. Interior/exterior empty paint cans

  15. Mason jars, baby food jars, yogurt jars (all glass)

  16. Bike wheels

  17. Old neckties

  18. Old belts

  19. Old Silverware

  20. Paint chips

  21. Rubber Bands

  22. Old Springs

  23. Old Gears

  24. 6-Pack Holders

  25. Old Windows

  26. Old Wood Shutters

  27. Old Solid Wood Doors

  28. Old wood ladders

  29. Cardboard tubes from toilet paper, paper towel, gift wrap, and other items

  30. Broken Crayons

  31. Broken down pallets

  32. Spare/old wood

  33. Tree slices (from a limb with bark still on)

  34. Wine bottles

  35. Old craft supplies you no longer use

  36. Inexpensive jewelry no longer worn

  37. Leftover tile from home projects

  38. Mismatched/solitary knee socks

  39. Buttons

  40. Used paint brushes with paint dried on them.

Check the calendar and other pages on the website to see what we do with these things. Join us. We love to recycle, re-use, re-purpose, redesign and upcycle.