HEY! Come on in!

Groups (or walk-ins) of less than 15 are welcome in the studio!

Call ahead to make sure you won't be crowded.


We know it is scary out there...here is how we can help you stay creative while still social distancing. 

As a teacher, Stacey is implementing the guidelines used in schools and by the CDC at Craft & Canvas

Tables are placed more than 6 feet apart.

In the studio, groups of no more than 3 are placed at tables more than 6 feet apart. Groups not from the same family are never placed at the same table by Craft & Canvas staff.

Stacey and Craft & Canvas staff wear masks whenever patrons are in the studio. We ask that all visitors do as well. Please do not remove masks, even when seated. It makes everyone feel safer. 

Everything (tools, door handles, tables, chairs, etc.) is disinfected between visits

Take Home Craft Kits are available for order and pick up. If you need them shipped, please call.  New ones are added regularly. Click here to see a selection of the kits.

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The kids (and you) need something fun to do!

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