...but you need to get some things done!

When you want more than just babysitting ...

All Craft & Canvas policies and regulations apply while your child is here representing you. Please be aware that as a teacher, Stacey has participated in all of the training offered by the school district. This includes Darkness to Light and Stop the Bleed. As a teacher, she is a mandated reporter of child abuse. However, she is NOT CPR certified nor first responder certified. She will, of course, use her best judgement in the case of an emergency and will always act for the benefit and well-being of your child.

Have you heard? Stacey, the owner of Craft & Canvas, is a teacher in Charleston County. Why is that interesting? Because you can be comfortable leaving your children with her for a short amount of time. Do you need to run errands, get some housework done, or just get them out of the house before you lose your cool? Then Kid Craft Hours is the answer for you and the place for them.

We encourage you to call ahead to ensure that your children get the attention they deserve, 843-801-8960.

How it works:

  • The minimum amount of time we will work with your child without you present is 1 hour and the maximum is 3 hours.

  • You can drop your child off most days during open hours. We will do our best to keep them busy, staying within the time and money allotment

  • The first time you come in to register your child, we will also ask for you to sign a publicity release, registration form and payment for the intended time. Additional time can be paid for upon pick up. Time not used will be credited to the next visit. 

  • You can stay for the time your child is here or you can use the service of leaving them here under Stacey's supervision.

  • While your child is here, we will determine what the best crafts or painting for them is, and we will embark on that adventure. Your child may or may not receive individual attention for the entire time, based on the number of people in house.  Creativity and imagination will be encouraged. Also, the completed work will be 100% their own.

  • When you return and/or the time is up, Stacey will offer a short report on how successful the time was for your child and suggestions for next time.

Again, please be aware that this service will only take place when other classes are not in session. Please call ahead to determine if this is the case. Or you can stop in to check it out, knowing that it may not be possible to leave your child here to craft and/or paint.

Since the schedule is not set, you do not have to register or pay until you drop your child off.


The rates for Kid Craft Hours are as follows:

                                      5-11 yrs old    1 Hour ....... $20                 12-15 years old      1 Hour ........ $25 

                                                            2 Hours ......$35                                               2 Hours ...... $45

                                                            3 Hours ......$50                                               3 Hours ...... $65

  • Partial hours will be rounded to the next 15 minutes.

  • Siblings can join in the fun for an additional $15/hour or $20/hour each based on age.

  • If your child remains on the premises without an adult for longer than 3 hours, you will be charged an additional $12 for each 15 minute block of time.

  • 4 year olds can attend with a reasonably responsible sibling 


Give us a call 843-801-8960 or

email charlestoncraftandcanvas@gmail.com