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Make it Merry

Holiday Gift Making Camp

It is time for one of our most favorite camps,

the gift making camp!

Kids L*O*V*E giving gifts that are handmade;

family L*O*V*E*S to receive them. 

Once you register your child, we will ask you for a list of 6 people that your child can consider making gifts for. Stacey will spend time with your child on the first day, brainstorming ideas of what the best gift will be for each person on the list. Some might be ceramic pieces, whiles others may be ideas out of their head. We make sure it is a quality piece going home that is completely done by your youngster. 

As pieces are finished, we wrap them and label them so they are ready to go and you don't have to worry about a thing.

You get to enjoy the surprise along with the recipient!

Pricing:  The best value is to have your child spend the whole week with us, making up to 6 gifts, getting a snack and drink each day, drop of is at 9 am and pick up is at 12 pm. Ages 5 and up are welcome to attend. All of this is just $185 for the week.

Alternatively, you can send your child by the day. We do not guarantee 6 projects when you do this, but it does make it manageable for you. You can check the day before to ensure there is room the next day.  This is $50 per day. 

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