While supplies last we are offering boiled peanuts, $15 for 2 pounds.

The Happie Chicks on Edisto Island made 'em. We just sell them. They

get rave reviews! No need to drive to Edisto or wait for your order, just 

stop in to Craft & Canvas, open til 9 pm everyday but Sunday, when we 

close at 6 pm. We have them here, frozen so they will be fresh for you. 

With 2021 coming in strong, we have rethought our calendar. For two more months we will try out our new consistent calendar. Read about each below the bulleted list.
newprograms 2021.jpg


Math Tutoring

Stacey is a SC certified math teacher of grades 6 -12. She is offering tutoring in 6th grade math through Algebra 2. She can help your student with online programs as well, such as Aleks or edgenuity. SAT/ACT assistance is also a specialty. 

Monday - Wednesday, 4 pm - 7 pm, are reserved for tutoring. You can submit a form of interest by clicking here. Then Stacey will be in touch. Walk-ins are also welcome. When the tension rises at home due to fighting over math homework, just bring it in to Craft & Canvas. Stacey can assist (and she is familiar with this scenario.)

Price:                     Individual     ........... $50/hour

                              Shared time ............ $35/hour

                                         Walk-in time ........... $40/hour (shared or not)

Math Tutoring

Trivie with Sip & Paint

Trivia with Sip & Paint

Totally a new thing....

Every Wednesday night we present a themed trivia night. You paint, we pose questions related to the theme. Regardless of how many attend, the winner goes home with a prize. Bring your beverage to sip while you paint and play. 

So far we have offered 

             "The Office" with a painting of Jim and Pam's ship

             "Harry Potter" with a painting of Station 9 3/4

              "Friends" with a painting of the famed frame on the peephole

              "Old time Trivial Pursuit" with the painting of your choice

Watch the calendar to see what is coming up

            (80s music night, Star Wars night, ...)

Art Lessons

Art Lessons

Stacey is willing to teach what she knows.

For kids, there are two programs to select from. You choose when you enroll.

Program 1:

         Learn how to draw with graphite (pencil). Learn the finer points of shading, perspective, and composition. Progress into different mediums, drawing and painting still lifes and portraits.

Program 2:

Explore different mediums and techniques with large projects. This is more of a mixed media approach with exploration being the key.


Family Friday Fun

Family Friday Fun

Taking the family out can get expensive. Craft & Canvas understands and tries to help. Once a month we make an activity that the family can enjoy together at a reduced price. We ask that you pay for everyone that attends. We have a price structure that helps larger families afford the evening. (Spend an hour together at Craft & Canvas then bring home some pizza. Makes for hardly any clean-up for you.)

Creating together makes for great quality time and memories that last a lifetime. 

Check out this month's Friday Family Fun Night here. 

Pet Day

Pet Day

You love them. They are part of the family. Give them a day out, exploring something new. Your animals like to be exposed to new things, too. 

We have an assortment of animal related things to do. And we are open to your suggestions. We have the supplies, let us help you make great art with your pet.

Paint your Pet Night - The third Saturday of the month will be paint your pet night. You send a photo in before the night and we put it on a canvas. You paint it with our guidance. We love the results and so will you! Register here for this month's Paint your Pet.

Make your pet the artist - bring your pet in to paint a canvas. We dip their paws in paint and let them walk across the canvas. The abstract feel to the result is endearing. You can do this with snakes, lizards, cats, dogs, .... We have the space to do it on the floor or on the table and we don't worry about the mess in the studio! (At home you have to worry about what they are getting paint on.)

Pet Ornaments and Coasters - we have several suggestions to bring happiness to the pet owner. Bring your buddy in to step in clay to make an impression. We bake it, you paint it. You can also bring in or send a picture in to put on tiles. 

If you don't have time to do the finer points, we can do it for you. Make a custom order!

Parent/Child Craft Time

Parent/Child Craft Time

Like Mommy and me or Daddy and me, these craft times are designed to be done together. The skills needed are under development by the youngsters, so they may need your help cutting, tracing, gluing, and/or painting. We plan the event, usually around the time of the year or holiday of the month. We try to keep the cost to you down, we want more people to enjoy time with their children. Make it a date for you and one of your youngsters. They will appreciate having your undivided attention!

Always on the second and fourth Sunday at 1 pm. 

Check out this month's Parent/Child craft time here.