Crafts for you from your pets

Celebrative Paw Prints

Pricing: $12 plus any additional add-ons of your choice

Bring your pet in on any Saturday to make a baked-clay paw print that you design. 

The Process: 

  • You form the clay to the shape of your desire. 

  • You design the embellishment placement, if at all. 

  • We bake it while you take your pet for a walk, go to lunch, grab a beer, go to the duck pond, etc. 

  • When you return, you paint it with ink or acrylic paint, glue your embellishments on , etc. 

  • Take home the finished product. 

  • You condition the clay, put it through the clay processor a few times, get it the size and thickness you desire.

  • Together we get your pet to step on the clay so we can take an imprint of their paw. 

Memorializing Yard Stone

Pricing: $30 plus any additional add-ons of your choice

Two options are available: you can make the stone yourself or we can make it for you. Some families make it together, making this a send-off for their loved one.

The Process: 

  • The stone needs at least 3 days to cure.

  • You return to Craft & Canvas to pick it up. 

  • You bring your pet's remains to the studio.

  • You select the design of the stone and the embellishments you wish to be included. 

  • The remains are mixed into the cement mixture, which is then poured into the mold. 

  • You can design the top of the stone,

  • Embellishments are placed.  

Each stone is perfectly unique. There is no way to make two the same through this process. An assortment of embellishments are available, some are free, some are an additional cost.