Art Portfolio Preparation

There are several schools within the Charleston area that not only have excellent academic reputations but also offer a rigorous fine arts program. These include Charleston County School of the Arts, Cario Middle School and Rollings School of the Arts in Dorchester District Two. 

Auditions are  face-to-face with adults asking questions, and as such, are intimidating. Being prepared is one way to hold anxiety at bay. Ideally, your child should begin developing a portfolio at least a year in advance, if not earlier. Craft & Canvas is the place where your child can develop their skills in an encouraging  environment that is within the Park Circle area.

"In their audition, students will be asked to demonstrate their observational skills and ability to render objects realistically, as drawn from life. We look closely at how well they render shape, placement, space, texture, light, and perspective. We also are looking for confidence in line quality, light source, a unified and balance composition and accurate placement and proportion of objects. Students will be provided with all the necessary materials. Students who are able to visually convey complex compositional components and accuracy in visual representation will earn higher scores." This information was taken directly from the Charleston County School of the Arts fact page for auditions. A rubric is also posted at their website. 

At Craft & Canvas, we will work directly with the rubric, helping your child develop their techniques in the elements being judged; elements such as line quality, positive and negative space, balance, rhythm, scale, etc. Your child should have a sketchbook of their own so that they can continue to draw while not at Craft & Canvas. Like all skills, practice is necessary. All materials will be supplied while at Craft & Canvas. 

Classes will be kept small so that each youngster will get the attention they deserve. Enroll now to confirm your child's place. 

5 spots open

Session times: 4:30 - 5:45 pm Monday - Friday

Must call to schedule an appointment

Fee: $125.