We all have to wear them. Why have just one? Try your hand at making your own. 


What is in the kit:

  • your mask(s), all start as white

  • your painting medium that you choose. in 3 colors.

  • a paint brush

  • a template if requested

Your choices:

You can obviously paint what you want on the mask, but you have your choice of medium as follows. Directions will be included on how to use the template and/or how to make the paint more permanent. 

Acrylic: it is the easiest to paint with as it doesn't seep into the fabric much, but acts as a layer. It is much like painting a canvas. 

Con: When you wash it, it may crack. Do not put in the dryer. It smells like acrylic paint when you wear it. This should dissipate with time. 

Mix of Acrylic with fabric medium: This will seep into the fabric but still smells like acrylic. It should not crack when washed and dried. The acrylic is thinned out a bit but still controllable. 

Liquid watercolor or food coloring: These do not smell when finished. However, they are uncontrollable on the fabric so it is abstract, not a picture. You could use them for a background and then sharpie-marker a picture on top. They have a nice effect. 

Con: They wash out leaving a light stained effect. You can look at it as an opportunity to paint it again every time you wash it, or you can keep it lightly colored. 

See the picture above. These are before washing. 


Only the food coloring is truly non-toxic, however, the others should not have any adverse effects. I researched them all and found that they are all safe as long as you do not eat the mask . You can eat your mask if you use food coloring. 


You will make your selection below. 


You can use the pictures here as a reference for painting an animal face, or if needed, you can order a template. The faces are symmetric so the template shows one side, which you flip over for the other side. 



Make Your Own Mask Kit

Which paint medium?
Which animal face template. if any?

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