Making a Virtual Birthday Party

Step 1

Select a day and time to have the party

There are many, many crafts that can be done as a birthday party activity.

You can choose from those in the Make It Shop or those on the Birthday Party Page or, you can call and we can discuss a custom craft or picture to paint. 

Step 2

Contact Stacey at Craft & Canvas to reserve the date.

You must choose if you are delivering the craft/paint kits to the invitees houses or if they coming to Craft & Canvas to pick them up or another method of your choice. Craft & Canvas can deliver them for an additional fee. There is a non-refundable $25 reservation fee that can be paid at this time. A registration form will be emailed to you. A birthday banner that the birthday child can color in will be  delivered to your house to hang the day of the party. 

Step 3

Send your own invitations or use ours. 

The invitation must include

  • how the guests receive their kits

  • the date, time and zoom address where they can join in .

Step 4

Prepare your food and drinks and plan to have fun while creating together.