Taking a Virtual Party UP a Notch

Step 1

Select a day and time to have the party

Step 2

Select the craft or painting you want your group to do. 

Step 3

There are selections on the party tabs and in the Make It Shop or we can come up with a custom craft made for your group . 

Order your kits from Craft & Canvas.

The raised notch is having the kits delivered to everyone local. You purchase the number of kits needed for those invited, Craft & Canvas will drive to each house and leave the kit along with an announcement on the person's door/porch. What a great surprise!

The announcement contains a date, time and zoom address to where everyone can create together the kit you chose. Craft & Canvas will log in for as long as you want to answer questions and assist in making the craft/painting. 

The total cost of the party is   

   (the price of each kit)x(the number of participants)

+ ($25 reservation fee)

+ (delivery and packaging fee)x(the number of participants)

The maximum delivery and packaging fee is $8.

Contact Stacey at Craft & Canvas to get your party started!