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creative process

This is a happy place. It is a place where I, Stacey, love to be. The color, the warmth, the support, the creativity, all call to me. And I hope it calls to you, too. We value the creative process. The process that allows emotions to process, encourages feelings to flow, and allows for the new to emerge. While we love to see your finished pieces, we enjoy even more hearing your tidbits of discovery and enthusiasm as you work on your project. Join us here, feel the vibe, hear its call. 


My name is Stacey LeBrun

I am a veteran math teacher. I currently work at CCSD School of the Arts. This is why the studio opens at 4:30 pm Monday -Friday during the school year. I am grateful that I am able to establish Craft & Canvas now, while I conclude my math career, so that when I am able to be here full time, I can add to our programs. I have so many ideas I can't wait to share with you. In the mean time, please come craft with us. Enjoy the vibe, delve into your creative side. You will be happy you did. 

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